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Poems For Grandparents
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Poems For Grandparents

Our poems for grandparents are in addition to our grandmother poems and grandfather poems. Among these simple poems for grandparents are children poems to grandparents, poems about grandparents and other poetry for grandparents.

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Grandparent Poems List

Shown below is the title and the first few lines for each of our poems for grandparents. Below that is a link which will open a new window or tab with that particular poem on a printable page. You can view and/or print the poem from there. To return to this poems list, simply close the window or tab which contains the poem. For instructions on viewing or printing a poem, choose the appropriate link from the menu near the top of this page.


Number One Grandparents

Who gave us love and guidance?
Who showed us wrong from right?
Who was there when we needed confidence?
Who tucked us in at night . . .

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To My Grandparents

Soft words and stories
make memories for years
Warm hugs and kisses,
their "quick-fix" for tears . . .

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Dear Grandma & Grandpa

When we are with you, we always have fun,
You make us feel we're your special ones!
We can tell by the kindness in your smiles,
You recall how things look through the eyes of a child . . .

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(No Title)

are the heart of,
the most
important part of . . .

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My Grandparents

Nothing else can compare,
to the happiness I find,
in the comfort of my Grandparents-
that's the warm and lasting kind.
A love that's based on caring thoughts
and gentle trusting ways.
Moments shared... both good and bad...
and words of love and praise . . .

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The World's Greatest Grandparents

This is the perfect time to say
that I'm so glad to have
grandparents like you.
When I'm near you
I can feel your love . . .

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